-  Be cautious of the candles that you light inside of your pumpkin to make sure they don’t catch anything on fire in your home.

-  If you are letting your kids participate in trick or treating for candy, remember to always check all of their candy for anything strange someone might have put in it.

-  Bobbing for apples is not a very hygienic type of game, but if you are having your part goers participate in this, make sure they are safe and do not cut themselves while using their teeth to grab apples.

You may find out more about popular costumes here.

Happy Halloween 2013 celebration!


Making your home an evil lair to host your super heroes gives you lots of chances to use your imagination. Have big screens or boards with giant maps on them and be sure to mark your targets of your evil plans. You can dress as an evil genius to give your super hero guests something to talk about. Start a discussion about what super hero would have the best powers to stop your evil plans. Have opulent foods, or snacks that go on all night. Be sure to have stuff for the kids too, like candies, or toys, or even arts and crafts. Maybe you would rather make it fairies and magic with flowers, butterflies, and mushrooms. Means that your guests can be fairies and dwarves or trolls who bring stories of their favorite movies or book of magic or fairies. A magician to entertain your guests would make your party very memorable to you and your guests for years to come.


Halloween is coming and you need the perfect costume. The Avengers are coming to town on Halloween and you want to be one of them! The most awesome costumes are available and you can look just like the Avengers in the movie. The only question in your mind is to decide on the Super Hero costume.
Adults and children alike are seeking out these high-quality costumes. Friends and family will have those special parties and they will wonder who is the superhero behind the disguise. You are sure to fool them. Captain America will sport the red, white and blue. You can be the first to lead the Avengers in the fight against evil. Soaring through the universe will be a breeze for Captain America the leader of the Super Heroes.

Maybe you want to be the muscle man for Halloween. You will certainly steal the show when they see your green suit and popping muscles. It is enough to give your friends and enemies nightmares. Fighting evil will be easy for The Incredible Hulk. He is green and mean!

The Thunder God Thor Costume is an excellent choice for Halloween. Wearing the amazing helmet you can be a god among the mere mortals at your party. Displaying your many talents you can help your team with global safety. The mighty hammer will show your thunderous power.

It takes a group of Super-Heroes to fight the battles. The main theme of these Super-Heroes is “Avengers Assemble.” The team is made up of robots, gods, and even some supernatural entities. Your job is to wear your costume and wear it proudly. The earths mightiest heroes are a team of fictional characters and you have been chosen to take on their personality for Halloween.

Don’t be caught with a boring costume this Halloween. This is your night. Make it exciting and feel the adrenaline that every superhero feels when he puts on the magical costume. Allow yourself to venture outside the normal everyday routine. Remember all of the Marvel Comics and how they made you feel. Make your Halloween special this year. Put on your favorite Avenger costume and watch all of your friends be amazed. You will not be disappointed and your Halloween will be awesome.


If you want to dress in defense for your country this year at Halloween, then you can consider tapping into classical looks that help you to stand apart from the crowd. Captain America Halloween Costumes are one of the approaches being taken to make a personal statement for Halloween while standing out from the crowd. These particular costumes are available with the ability to enjoy even more of the season while taking a different approach to Halloween parties, gatherings or trick – or – treating.

The Captain America Halloween Costumes available come with variations to help you personalize your heroic statement of the year. You can find different sizes for children of all ages as well as for adults that want to show their superhero side. There are also costumes available for women with Miss America costumes. The costumes are designed with the main theme of Captain America, including red, white and blue coloring, similar to the American flag. The costume also includes a star in the middle of the chest, a red and white striped belt and red and white cuffs for the feet and hands with the rest of the costume being a set of blue shades.

Not only does the Captain America Halloween Costumes come with the basic designs to help with more enjoyment of all ages. There are also extra props that come with the costume. Captain America was known for wearing a mask that covered the eyes and head. There are variations used for this, including some caps with wings on the top and others with different forms of shading. You will also find props, such as a red, white and blue shield with a star in the middle. The costume then creates a complete look for the protection and defense of America, specifically from the reputation of this superhero.

If you want to make a personal statement at the Halloween parties this year, then you can consider the Captain America Halloween Costumes. There are variations on the main theme of the costume to help you to make the most of your look. Combining the right fit with your personality invites you into your day of being a superhero and defending your country with style.


The Electronic Battleship Advanced Mission comes in the green box. The voice of the announcer that let you know of hitting a target or missing a target, the design of the game, and everything else related to the game is just awesome. Always remember that it is the game in Green Box. The Electronic Battleship Advanced Mission consists of four different games to play with that are The Classic Mission, the Salvo Mission, the Bonus Mission, and the Advanced Mission and if you are finding a gift for the Christmas than this will be your best choice.


In The Classic Mission each player gets single shot regardless of hit or miss. In The Salvo Mission every player has single shot for every single ship left un-sunk also use of advanced weapon is allowed. This type of mission is just excellent. In The Bonus Mission every player has the single shot unless they score a hit so that they continue on the same turn until they miss. You can also use advanced weapons in this type of game. While in the Advanced Mission every ship has special weapons and two recon planes, however the use of recon planes will defeat you.


The other most dominating feature of the game is that it is free from cheating i.e. one can not cheat the other player in this game and this is the excellent thing. This game also has three difficulty levels which are chosen by the player. The fresh sound effects are cool. The game has some excellent sounds by which the sound of firing of shots and explosion can be heard. Also the sounds are easy to understandable. The Electronic Battleship Advanced Mission has only one missile that hits in the land of 3*3 square.  In this version the ships are re designed.


This is a perfect game. This can also be played by either one player or two players. The Electronic Battleship Advanced Mission is overall full of fun game. This game is full of small tricks. The rules of the game are upgraded to make this game more entertaining. One of the most attractive rules is the rule of the planes which one can only use to do recon from the air craft carrier. This game includes of both fun as well as education. This game is more durable then its previous version. The small trick involve in this game is the Attack Squadron can be destroyed easily by the time when they are on deck of the air craft carrier. Use your jets as along as you wish until they are not destroyed by the enemy missiles. This game takes a reasonable time to program but this is not too much difficult. The Electronic Battleship Advanced Mission is easy to play and is a very entertaining game.


In short this is the awesome upgrade to the classic game.  This version of game is quick and in expensive. The Electronic Battleship Advanced Mission is a completely new level of the game. Large numbers of new weapons are introduced in this version like Exocet Missile, Tomahawk Missile, Apace Missile, and many more. Electronic Battleship is a very famous and pleasant gift for this Christmas.


If your child is into gaming console games, consider Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure game. It is available for Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS and PC systems and comes in a variety of bundles and is available for different prices. This game was released earlier this fall. The Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure is an action-adventure video game designed for younger players and is a spin-off from the Spyro set of video games. It is the first in the Skylanders series of video games. There are different challenges and games hidden throughout Skylands. Spyro’s Adventure has 30 different physical action figures that can be synched with the video game console and allows for 2D or 3D gaming, bringing the Skylandes: Spyro’s Adventure game to life. Each action figure has a different special power and level of skill. This Adventure action figures each come with a unique web code so you can play more online.

Skylanders are mythical creatures that battle invaders that try to come to the Skylands, which is their homeland. The evil KAOS and his gang has frozen and banished the Skylanders to earth. The player is the ‘portal master’ who tries to put the Skylanders back on the Portal of Power to send them back to Skylands forever.  Through the journey of Spyro’s Adventure, you can ward off enemies and solve puzzles.

The three figurines sink with the game with the ‘Portal of Power’ peripheral to go against KAOS and his gang.You can also choose to play it with other people as a team or against each other.

For Nintendo 3DS, Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure is a different format than the other games and you actually fight floating head, Hectore rather than KAOS. A downfall to the this game, regardless of the other console formats, is that to unlock other levels to the game, you must buy other action figures. Otherwise, you will never actually complete the Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure challenge. This Action figures sell for about $8 per piece or $20 for a set of three.

One upside is that the portal of the Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure that holds the action figures into place is wireless. If you just want to play over and over, you can get by with just the three original action figures. Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure has a plot that is easy and directions are audible so little kids can lay it. Bigger kids will get more out of it because of multiple quests and adventures they can take their warriors through. The other upside is that if your child has some action pieces and one of their friends has different action pieces, they can get together and play it, trading their action figures. This game, depending on its players, can be fun for players of all ages.


The Nerf VORTEX NITRON Blaster is not a typical Nerf gun recommended for kids around 8 years and up. NITRON Blaster has a acceleration trigger that slings a fully automatic round of discs toward a target. It is a brand new Nerf gun and will get the kids fired up if they get this gift during the 2011 holiday season. Nothing says ‘Happy Holidays’ like target practice and this VORTEX NITRON Blaster puts all other Nerf products to shame because it has great features. Plus, it is the most innovative and technologically advanced Nerf gun on the market. Plus, it is a monster in size, at over 2 feet long.

On the Nerf VORTEX NITRON Blaster’s trigger, it can also be squeezed on the bottom half to rev up the motor and pull the top half to launch the discs. This Blaster has a long range for long-distance targets. The Centerfire Tech electronic scope has pulsing lights to help your kids aim at their target. Your kid will be an excellent target shooter with the help of this feature. Plus those discs can fly a long way! Maybe even up to 50 feet.

The gun itself has a magazine that holds 20 discs ready for quick and easy reload. It is spring-loaded and has storage for a second magazine for additional discs so your kid can stay in full action battle with the flinging discs aimed at the target. These additional magazines are sold separately. The Nerf VORTEX NITRON Blaster is fully customizable. It has a Tactical Rail System that works along with other VORTEX and N-Strike Mission Kit accessories which are sold separately.

The Nerf VORTEX NITRON Blaster requires six C batteries and two AAA batteries which are not included. At five pounds, it is a little on the heavier side, but is perfect for bigger kids (or adults that act like big kids). One complaint about the NITRON Blaster is that the discs fly far and shoot out of the barrel very quickly but once they lose their velocity due to their light weight, they can travel off course. The Nerf VORTEX NITRON Blaster may actually be better for indoor, up close and personal battles. Another observation is that the discs spin very fast once they are launched so instead of just hitting the target and dropping, it instead ricochets and you have to find where it landed. The other downfall is that it uses $10 in batteries alone and while the C batteries power the gun, the AAA batteries to power the scope.

Toys R Us offers the Nerf VORTEX NITRON Blaster for $50 and Amazon.com offers it for $39 plus shipping. You can also find this Nerf gun at Target.


Sesame Street’s lovable character, Elmo, is back at it again. Sesame Street Let’s Rock Elmo made in association with Hasbro and Playskool toys is a music making machine. This toy has Elmo ready to sing and make music with your child. He comes dressed in a concert style t-shirt that has his name on it in red with a lightning bolt slashed through it.

Sesame Street Let’s Rock Elmo is ready to rock and roll and is ready to entertain. Elmo is a great interactive toy that entertains and teaches children songs and introduces them to a couple of different easy-to-play instruments. Him and your child are ready to form their own rock band. “Be Ready to Feel the Music,” when he plays the drums and gives his little giggle at the end. Elmo’s personal favorite song is “It Takes Two,” where he laughs about playing with your child.

Let’s Rock Elmo comes with his own instruments that your child can decide what he is going to play. He comes with his own tambourine, drum set and microphone. This toy also can interact with other instruments from the Let’s Rock line, which are sold separately. If your child decides to play along, Sesame Street Let’s Rock Elmo magically knows what instrument they have picked up and he can sing along automatically. He also knows which item your child has given him to play so he can start entertaining.

Sesame Street Let’s Rock Elmo sings a total of six different songs and your child can use one of his instruments to help him play. Sesame Street Let’s Rock Elmo multi-tasks by singing and playing an instrument at the same time. As far as the additional instruments that are sold separately that go along with the Sesame Street Let’s Rock Elmo is the Guitar, the  Cookie Monster Keyboard and the Grover Microphone that are based on the other infamous Sesame Street characters. The accessories sell for around $16 to $20 a piece.

Customers who have purchased the Sesame Street Let’s Rock Elmo say that their young kids absolutely love little singing Elmo. The older kids do not respond as well because they easily get bored of Sesame Street Let’s Rock Elmo’s same six songs.

Let’s Rock Elmo includes six AA batteries.It is recommended for ages 18 months to four years of age.  Currently,Let’s Rock Elmo is selling fast for the 2011 holiday season because of everyone’s loyalty and love for the furry red little guy.


The Trash Pack Garbage Truck is one of the hottest toys for the 2011 holiday season. This Garbage Truck, manufactured by Moose Toys, is a mobile storage device for Trashies and their garbage cans. Trashies are repulsive figures that come with a garbage can that pops open. The Trash Pack is a bunch of grimy, gross figurines that obviously have a garbage theme. They are very highly collectible and are so cool with disgusting names.

The Trash Pack Garbage Truck holds up to 10 tiny garbage cans and the tires of the Trash Pack Garbage Truck even has roadkill on them. Your child can take out the trash with the flipper device on the back to dump trash or they can use the wheelie bin launcher to shoot their Trashies flying. That’s where the fun is. It’s great for kids to flick the Trashies off the dumpster and dump them. With the Trash Pack Garbage Truck, you can put Trashies like Sludge Can and Dead Tyre into their garbage cans so they can ride in the truck.

The Trash Pack Garbage Truck comes with two Trashies, Sludge Can and Dead Tyre, but there are hundreds of other little Trashies characters (some glow in the dark) and games to play with them. Trashies are a members of the Trash Pack and are “The Gross Gang in your garbage.” Trashies all have gross names like Germ-Worm and Mucky Maggot. Some of the Trashies are rare and collectible and others are even limited edition characters.

Other items in the Trash Pack line includes accessories such as a Trashies Collectors Tin, a collector’s carrying case, and numerous packages of collectible figures. (A 12-pack of Trashie figures costs around $8).

The Trash Pack Garbage Truck is recommended for children ages 5 years and up by the manufacturer but it is targeted for boys ages 5 to 8 years old. One warning is that it the Trash Pack Garbage Truck as well as the Trashies collectibles are hazardous for children under three years old due to choking dangers because of the small pieces.

The Trash Pack Garbage Truck product ranges in price anywhere from $15 to $20. This toy is fun, easy to control and is durable. It is great for young kids and the Trashies are fun to collect. If you are looking for a toy that can provide hours of fun and can get them interested in starting to collect things, the Trash Pack Garbage Truck and the Trashies are great or your child. Plus, it is very affordable.

However, if you are looking for a toy or game that is learning based, the Trash Pack Garbage Truck is not really what you are looking for. It does, however, seem to keep children entertained and laughing, having a good time for hours, and sometimes even every day.


Boys and girls of all ages love to play with trains. Something about the nostalgia of an old time transportation vehicle that is growing more obsolete is even fascinating to adults. The Imaginarium City Central Train Table will bring hours of fun to young children and their families. The Imaginarium City Central Train Table will provide a hands-on learning experience and give them the chance to be creative with their train city set up.

Created exclusively for Toys R Us, the Imaginarium City Central Train Table is one of Toys R Us’s top toys for the 2011 holiday season. This toy comes with numerous accessories for you and your child to create your own little imaginary city. It lets your child build and construct a full train track atop this table. Plus, it is compatible with Brio or Thomas and Thomas & Friends (Thomas the Train) wooden trail sets.

Some of the Imaginarium City Train Table accessories that come with the table includes a Central Station, a heliport with express tunnel, a suspension bridge, a working crane with a magnetic grapple, a scrubbing train wash, and a three door roundhouse with turntables that work. It also includes scenery, characters, trains and trucks. The Imaginarium Train Table also comes with over 23 feet of train track.

The Imaginarium City Central Train Table has a total of 100 pieces in all to build the full-working and fun little city. Lights and sound features can be activated using any magnetic wooden train engine or train car. When playtime is over, you can store the pieces inside the table’s two large drawers. This train table has a reversible table top and is made for durability with the use of real wood.

Upon receiving the Imaginarium City Central Train Table, there is assembly required. It measures out to be 49 by 33 by 17 inches in dimension and is heavy duty weighing in at 75 pounds.

The manufacturer lists the recommended age appropriateness is for ages three years old and up. On Amazon.com, the Imaginarium City Central Train Table is listed for $279 plus shipping. However, Toys R Us advertises the same train table for $139.

Some pros of the Imaginarium City Central Train Table is that it is well built and is made of quality materials, making it very durable for the roughness of young kids’ play. It is also fun for the kids and is also attractive, therefore, it won’t be a cluttered eyesore to your playroom. It is also easy to operate. Even though this product is intended for the child to use their imagination, the Imaginarium City Central Train Table is somewhat difficult to assemble and could take a significant amount of time to construct. Another con is that the track itself is somewhat difficult to put together too.

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