Read This Before You Try Serrapeptase

Enzymes are a form of proteins that act as the catalysts for trillions of chemical reactions taking place in the human body daily. These enzymes also guarantee the efficient and timely performance and completion of essential metabolic processes. 

Humans have a bank of enzymes in the body. They are involved in pretty much everything, from blinking to thinking. These are the catalysts that trigger the body’s biochemical and chemical reactions. The most popular enzymes can be found in the digestive system. They assist the body in breaking down and absorbing all the macronutrients present in the foods you consume. 

However, enzymes don’t just help with food digestion. They also help you heal, protect you from bacteria, reduce your inflammatory load, and maintain homeostasis. 

Proteases such as serrapeptase are known as systemic enzymes because they can stay active even outside the gastrointestinal tract. These can also be distributed through different fluids of the body like blood. Serrapeptase, as a form of proteolytic enzyme, helps with breaking down proteins into amino acids. It includes the proteins that accumulate in the body because of illness or injury. 

Most enzymes occur in the human body by nature, including the digestive enzymes. But others should be taken in the form of supplements because the body either doesn’t produce them or only produces them in small amounts. 

Serrapeptase is originally isolated from bacteria found in silkworms. This is taken as a form of natural dietary supplement that helps reduce pain and inflammation. Also called serratiopeptidase, numerous medical specialties have been using the enzyme, from otorhinolaryngology and dentistry to orthopedics and surgery. 

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