What Minerals are in Mineral Water Donat Mg?

Are you having a hard time in the bathroom? Don’t worry because you are definitely not alone. Constipation is actually a very common problem. Almost everyone has suffered from constipation at least once in his or her life. A large chunk of the population experiences chronic bowel problems. 

More and more people now have issues with constipation and slow digestion. Good thing that there are now products that will help ease away your problems. One of these is Donat Mg. So, what minerals are in mineral water Donat Mg that makes it a great help in easing away your constipation?

A Quick Overview of Donat 

This is a type of natural mineral water that has a one of a kind composition that has been clinically proven to stimulate the digestion process. Just so you know, this water contains the highest amount of natural magnesium compared to other mineral waters found in the world. 

Donat Mg
Donat Mg mineral water contains the following minerals: calcium, hydrogen carbonate, magnesium, sulfate

Since magnesium is found to work in over 300 biochemical processes, it only means that your body definitely needs it. It is highly recommended that you drink this water daily for preventive purposes for your overall health and wellbeing.

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Mineral Content of Donat

This natural mineral water has been enriched with essential minerals that come from the rocks and are found to have positive effects not only on digestion but more importantly on vegas567 general wellbeing.  

Donat has been discovered to be a safe and natural water to drink. There is no need for your body to get used to Donat’s effects since these are mechanical. The water works based on the osmosis principle. The sulphates draw water from the intestinal wall’s cells that can increase the volume of intestinal content. Its magnesium can further relax the digestive tract muscles that helps the sulphates trigger and promote peristalsis.

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This water has a one of a kind natural combination of the five minerals that is the secret recipe behind its positive effects on the body’s regular functioning and overall wellbeing.  

Here is a quick overview of the minerals that you can find in the mineral water Donat:


Calcium plays an essential role when it comes to bone health, degradation of the different nutrients, and the normal functioning of the cardiovascular, muscular, and nervous systems. 

Hydrogen carbonates

Hydrogen carbonates offer the proper balance between the stomach and esophagus. These can bind to the acids themselves and as a result, they help lessen the burning sensation when experiencing a heartburn.  


Magnesium is an important mineral that is part of over 300 biochemical processes taking place in the human body. This is an indispensable mineral for bone hardness and smooth digestion and is also important for normal heart rate. 


Sulphates play very crucial roles when it comes to maintaining a healthier digestion with natural laxative effects. They can even help boost proper blood circulation in gastric lining. 

With all the different mineral contents of Donat, it is easy to see that this is the true miracle water you should start drinking today. 

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