What are Blue Light Filter Glasses?

Now more than ever, people are starting to voice their concerns about the different health effects of the blue light that electronic device screens emit. This is the reason why many people young and old alike wear blue light filter glasses.

Blue light glasses contain lenses that can partially block of the short-wave blue light. Recent studies haven’t confirmed if devices that emit blue light can damage the vision and eyes or not. Experts are also not sure yet if wearing these blue light glasses can or cannot help prevent potential damages because of being exposed to screens for a long time.

What Can a Pair of Blue Light Glasses Do for You?

The main purpose of blue light glasses help block off some of that high-energy blue light that comes from electronic devices such as smartphones, TV, and computers. In fact, even average indoor light bulbs can emit blue light.  

These blue light filter glasses are also known in different names such as blue blockers and blue light blocking glasses. 

Blue light filter glasses
Blue light blocking glasses are specifically designed to filter out the harmful blue-violet light rays

How Do Blue Light Glasses Work?

If something emits light, various colors also vibrate at various wavelengths. Blue-violet light is also known as HEV or high energy visible light. This is the part that closely resembles the potentially damaging blue light from the sun.

Artificial blue light is naturally much weaker compared to the blue light of the sun. Unfortunately, average people now spend a lot of their time inside the house right in front of the digital screens to the point that those lower rates of exposure tend to add up over time.

How do blue light glasseswork? Optometrist explains.

It is not yet known if electronic blue light directly leads to eye concerns but this may contribute. 

Eye experts revealed that the average time that adults spend in front of their screens and on their devices reach up to 11 hours a day and the result is that their eyes suffer from lots of digital light strain

The purpose of lenses is to help lower the occurrence of this digital eye strain and prevent disruption on the circadian rhythm cycle that can affect sleep and overall health and wellbeing.

Blue light filter glasses can block off some of this light using a special coating that can reflect away some of this blue light from your eyes. The amount of this percentage will depend on the specific pair you will buy.

There are also blue light glasses with yellow tint and there are also others that are clear. Lenses that typically look more yellowed have the tendency to filter out more blue light compared to their clear counterparts.

Your first step here is to consult an eye care expert who can identify your needs for blue light protection. 

Blue Light Glasses Have Possible Benefits

While people’s experience with modern-day technology is still a bit young, spending long hours fixed on device screens has become commonplace. There are still many things to learn about its effect on eye health but using blue light filter glasses may be able to help you enjoy its potential benefits. 

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