The Rising Demand for Slovenia Luxury Holiday Rentals

You’re missing out on so many things if you haven’t visited Slovenia yet. And with the rising demand for Slovenia luxury holiday rentals, it only shows that you need to visit the country sooner than later. 

Dubbed as Central Europe’s hidden gem, Slovenia is surrounded by Croatia, Hungary, Austria, and Italy, and at its southwest lays the small but gorgeous Adriatic coast. 

A mystical land of mountains and lakes, legends and myths infuse the rarefied air of Slovenia. At the same time, it’s also a buzzing modern country where ancient history and cool contemporary culture are in perfect sync and harmony.

Everywhere you go, scenic views await you at every turn, from the lively Kranjska Gora on the edges of the Triglav National Park to the idyllic Lakelands of Bohinj and Bled and the riverside cafes and bars and baroque buildings of Ljubljana, the capital of the country. 

Delectable cuisine is guaranteed to satisfy your palate, with each dish prepared using local ingredients freshly sourced from farms. Outdoor enthusiasts and adventure-seekers can also enjoy an adrenaline rush with the snow sports and water spots available. To make things more exciting, Slovenians are among the friendliest locals you will ever meet anywhere in the world. 

If you’re still not convinced, here are other reasons to book Slovenia luxury holiday rentals soon:

Try on Unique Traditional Costumes 

When you visit Slovenia near the end of the winter months, you might get lucky in joining the Kurentovanje celebrations held every year.

If you rent Slovenia luxury holiday rentals during the winter, you can attend the annual Kurentovanje celebrations.

During this event, Slovenians put on eye-popping traditional costumes and masks paired with ornate headpieces and huge furry tunics. And while you’re there, don’t forget to take a selfie and capture some unforgettable snaps!

A Honey Trap at Its Finest

Beekeeping will forever be popular in this Balkan country. More than 90,000 enthusiasts are in the area with the honey culture itself being intricately intertwined with the identity of the entire nation. Local Carniolan bees are equally serene as the population of the country and are also considered team players in the numerous hives dotting the rural areas. 

Gorgeous Bijou Coastline

Many Slovenia luxury holiday rentals have prime locations, specifically those near the coast. The Slovenian Riviera may be small but its almost perfect form is hard to miss. Located on the Adriatic Sea’s Gulf of Trieste, the Riviera is perched on 46km of the Istrian peninsula. 

Slovenia luxury holiday rentals on the coast
Slovenia luxury holiday rentals on the coast offer great sea views.

It also features three amazing towns by the sea, namely Piran known for its captivating Venetian Gothic buildings, Izola as the official hub for foodies, and Koper, which is acclaimed for its medieval centre. Add in the bouncing bars and scenic beaches and you’re getting one of the hidden gems of Europe.

Bask in Peace

Slovenia luxury holiday rentals are bustling with guests but the annual Peace Index still ranks the country as one of the top 10. It’s an open-minded, tolerant, and welcoming nation that takes pride in outstanding hospitality and exceptional good manners. All of these mean that Slovenia is a high-calibre getaway for all types of travellers.

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