Oxalic Acid Evaporator Buying Guide

Do you have difficulty reducing the number of varroa mites in your hives? Why not consider getting an oxalic acid evaporator?

Nature is truly an expert in solving and fixing natural problems. After using synthetic miticides to address mite issues, it is no wonder that people are returning to nature again. 

Oxalic acid is a naturally occurring compound in vegetables like radishes and spinach, which is commercially used as a wood bleaching agent. The EPA has already authorized using oxalic acid as an effective miticide. Since trace amounts are also found in honey, it can be safely used in hives. 

Beekeepers worldwide use oxalic acid to protect their colonies from the dreaded varroa mite.

Continue reading below to learn more about oxalic acid evaporators.

What is an Oxalic Acid Evaporator?

An oxalic acid evaporator is a unique tool that turns the crystals of oxalic acid into vapor. The vapor condenses immediately, forming tiny fine crystals that coat the hive’s interior surfaces and cover the bees. 

The bees also assist with vapor dispersion by fanning it away, which helps spread it all over the colony. Once these crystals touch the mites, the mites die. This process doesn’t harm the bees, but the mortality rate of mites is more than 90%. 

 oxalic acid evaporator
An oxalic acid evaporator is a unique tool that turns the crystals of oxalic acid into vapor. Once these crystals touch the mites, they die, and it is 90 % effective. This is one of the sustainable varroa mite solutions to protect honeybee populations.

This works only on the phoretic mites or those that hitch a ride on the adult bees in the hive and walk around on the surface. The ones that remain enclosed in the capped cells remain safe and unscathed. 

Many beekeepers treat their hives only if the colony has a minimal brood. Conversely, they must repeat the weekly treatments for at least three weeks for the emerging mites to be exposed to the acid. 

What to Look for in an Oxalic Acid Vaporizer

Here are the most important considerations when shopping for an oxalic acid vaporizer:

Cord Length

Either a lawnmower or car battery will power your vaporizer. While these objects may not be heavy, things can get cumbersome if you constantly move them. By having the right cord length, you can treat several hives without needing to move the battery, thus reducing your work. 


Many often complain that their oxalic acid evaporator tends to break down or fall apart even when it is new. However, this product is not disposable, so it should never behave like one. Pick a durable vaporizer, so you won’t have to buy new equipment now and then. 

Heating Time

Many vaporizers have a battery attached to them. After the oxalic acid vaporizes, the beekeeper will turn off the vaporizer. This is done by disconnecting the clips from the battery. It will be taken away from the hive after it cools down, and the process will be repeated. You can save more time if the vaporizer can efficiently and quickly heat the oxalic acid

Watch the video showing how to rid bees of mites fast with an oxalic acid evaporator

Temperature Range

Not every oxalic acid evaporator has a temperature regulator or gauge. It is an excellent asset, even if lacking one is not necessarily a deal-breaker. A vaporizer that gets too hot quickly will only degrade the oxalic acid instead of fully sublimating, thus reducing its effectiveness.

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